Fish storage tips September 13, 2016

We often get asked about how long our fish will last once it gets home and into your fridge. Generally it should be fine for a few days but this will depend on how it is stored.

One of the most important aspects of keeping fish in top condition is temperature. It must be kept cool! As soon as the fish is caught, the fishermen put it in salt ice to drop the temperature as fast as possible. Once it’s landed the fish is kept chilled – just above freezing – until it’s wrapped or packed for you the customer. We wrap our fillets in paper to help insulate them and will provide ice packs and a polybin if necessary to help keep them cool, but it is imperative that you get your fish into a fridge as soon as possible.

Once you get your fish into the fridge, don’t leave it wrapped up in paper or gladwrap. Fish fillets need to breathe a little and it’s also important not to allow the fillets to sit in juice for a long period of time. It’s natural for fish to leach out some moisture but this needs to be drained away.

There are a few good storage options for keeping fillets in the fridge.

Plastic storage container and rack

Put a wire rack inside a large tupperware or any other type of plastic container. Place the fillets on top of the wire rack, allowing the juice to drain into the container below. You need to ensure that there is adequate room around the fillets for some air to circulate.

Two plates

Put an upturned plate on top of a larger plate. Place the fish on top of the upside down plate, allowing the juice to drain and be collected in the larger plate. You can loosely place a piece of gladwrap on top of the fish, just don’t seal it down tightly around the edges.

Absorbent paper towels

Simply sit your fillets on a plate, on top of some absorbent paper towels. Again, cover the fillets loosely with gladwrap, allowing them to breathe around the edges. You’ll need to regularly change the paper towels as they become moisture laden. You may need to wash the fillets prior to cooking if any wet paper has stuck to them.

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