We’ve put together a little bit of information about who we are and what we do – just in case you’re interested in where your fish is coming from.


We are locally owned and have been operating in New Plymouth for over 30 years. Our busy premises at 41 Centennial Dr includes our fish processing facilities and our retail shop. We’re only a few minutes drive from the CBD – it’s well worth the journey to pick up the freshest fish in town and you can see our expert fish cutters hard at work. Of course, if you’re busy you can buy fish directly from this website and we’ll have it waiting on your doorstep (or dropped off at your work) in no time.

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Here at Egmont Seafoods we are all about high quality fish and seafood. We land fish from a number of small boats who fish out of port Taranaki and we work hard to ensure a consistent fresh supply. We also source fresh and frozen seafood and other condiments from around New Zealand and further abroad to provide our customers with a wide range of delicious food. If you’ve brought fish n’ chips in Taranaki, or had the ‘catch of the day’ at a local restaurant, chances are you’ve been eating fish that has come from us. Over the years we have supplied many restaurants, fish shops, butchers and supermarkets around the North Island. We also have a strong relationship with our friends across the ditch and we export some of our fish which ends up in Aussie fish n’ chip shops and restaurants too.



The fishing industry in New Zealand is tightly regulated and operates under the sustainable Quota Management System which is administered & monitored by the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. In a nut shell there are limits on what fish can be caught in what area.

Many people want to know what impact their actions are having on our environment and also the environmental impact of the products you choose to purchase. Our oceans are a precious resource and we love fish and seafood and we want our kids and grand-kids to be able to enjoy it too. Therefore we’re careful about ensuring we behave in a responsible way and don’t abuse our environment. Fortunately our local fishery, off the coast of Taranaki, is in great shape and has been well managed to ensure it’s longevity. We catch approximately 0.2% of the total commercial fish caught in New Zealand and we are careful about targeting species that have commercial value, rather than catching great volumes of low dollar value fish. As we said before, we’re a small business with a focus on high quality fish.





As a local business we support a number of community initiatives and interests, from schools to foodbank to recreational fishing competitions and Taranaki Iwi. We get a lot of requests for help or donations and obviously we can’t say yes to everybody, but if you would like to have a chat about what you’re doing in the community and how we could possibly help, get in touch here.




Place your order by 10am for same day delivery in Taranaki.
We deliver North Island wide (but not to rural addresses sorry)