Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a sustainable fishery?

Yes, our operations are part of the Quota Management System which is monitored by the Ministry for Primary Industries. The boats that land fish into us are small vessels – not the enormous factory ships that some people imagine when they think of commercial fishing. We love fish and seafood and want our grand kids to be able to enjoy it too.

Are your fish fresh?

Yes, our fishermen work hard to keep a constant supply of fresh fish and sometimes that means going out fishing in rough weather. We often unload boats early in the morning and dispatch that fish the same day.

If I order frozen seafood via your website will it still be frozen when it gets to me?

Yes, our blast freeze processing technique and packaging technology ensures your frozen product will get to you in perfect condition.

What is SNAP IT UP?


SNAP IT UP is a way for you and your colleagues to get the freshest deals on fish, and free freight.

We give your business a coupon code which gets entered at our online checkout. Workmates can choose to buy whatever tickles their fancy on our website and pay for their own order. We then consolidate all the orders for each workplace and the fish arrives in one delivery (on Thursday) and each person can take home their individually wrapped and labeled fish for dinner. Easy and efficient. We don’t have a strict minimum order quantity but ideally would need four workmates buying together.

Simply fill in the form below to request a code for your business. Or if you have some specific questions give us a call on 06 751 5700 or email us at

Hit SEND once you’ve filled in the form below and we’ll be in-touch shortly.


Snap it up


Where can deliveries be made to?

Because we are sending a  fresh, chilled product we can only deliver to metropolitan areas within the North Island. If you do have a rural address and would like to buy fish, please give us a call and we will do our best to help you out. It all depends on how fast the courier can get it to you.


Place your order by 10am for same day delivery in Taranaki.
We deliver North Island wide (but not to rural addresses sorry)