Bluff oyster season 2017 March 3, 2017

The world renowned Bluff oysters came into season on 1 March. Unfortunately we haven’t managed to get our hands on any yet – the weather in Bluff has not been good! Howling westerlies are not good for oyster fishing. Same as last year we’ve put together a little info for those curious customers out there.

Where do they come from?

Bluff oysters are harvested in the Foveaux Strait. The conditions are ideal in terms of the depth of the sandy sea floor, cool temperature of the water the of course the purity of the Southern Ocean. The oysters we sell come from Barnes Oysters who have been operating down south since 1958. Barnes have made a great little video about the journey of the oysters from sea to plate.


How are they processed?

Once they’ve been harvested the oysters are transported back to shore to be processed. This usually happens within a couple of hours of being dredged. The oysters are shucked, washed, chilled and packed into pottles by the dozen. This process ensures the oysters reach you in optimum condition.

How do I cook them?

Cook them!?! Many oyster connoisseurs will tell you the best option is to devour them raw. But they can be smoked, baked on the half-shell, fried, steamed or added to a soup. They are rich and tender, succulent and nutritious – I’m sure you don’t need us to continue with the fancy adjectives. You really just need to test the flavour and cooking options for yourself.

As with all fish and seafood, availability is very dependent on weather – this is particularly true for oysters. Click here to check if we have any available on the website or give us a call on 06 7515703.

There is lots more information on bluff oysters, including some delicious recipes, on the following websites;


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